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Let's work together for the success of the Artisan Pastry

Over 40 years of experience in the production of Typical Sicilian Artisan Pastry.

Our patisserie was born in Mazara del Vallo , in Sicily.

Here, since 1972 we have been producing Almond Biscuits and Sweets faithfully following the oldest recipes of the Sicilian confectionery tradition and using only the best selected ingredients.

We choose our suppliers with care, to whom we ask for the best Sicilian dried fruit including almonds and pistachios , Italian wheat flour , fresh eggs , natural sweeteners such as honey, white sugar and cane.

Simple and genuine ingredients that combined with a great experience allow us to obtain high quality, tasty and tasty products

We have a catalog with over 30 products including Almond and Pistachio Sweets, Classic and Sicilian Citrus, Biscuits and Meringues.

We can supply our products in single-dose format with dedicated boxes , in bulk and in gift packs with guaranteed vacuum .

Tradizione e Qualità al servizio del tuo Palato

Grazie per l'iscrizione!

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