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Sicilian Pastry Reviews
Sicilian Pastry Reviews
Sicilian Pastry Reviews

Through a rigorous selection of raw materials and the refined processes of the master pastry chefs, the company, for over 50 years, has been making the best of an ancient confectionery tradition, making quality its strong point. Society has always been sensitive to environmental issues. For us, quality is 360 °, this means that when we talk about quality, we are not only referring to the production process, care and attention are also fundamental for us. Quality controls carried out: application of the HACCP system on the entire production process, analysis of raw materials, finished product, hygiene of the environment (including air and water) and equipment.

GMOs: the product does not contain, does not consist of / or does not consist of GMOs.

High quality is the value that inspires each of our creations. Our pastry shop uses only quality products from our land as it was used with ancient Sicilian recipes. To intimately fascinate those who take a short trip within their senses, we are pleased to present our creations to you. Our products are of high quality, with a particular taste and careful presentation, the TRUE CRAFT PRODUCT. Eating well means loving yourself. Recognizing quality is a skill that must be learned: it requires training and the will to learn to listen to your senses.

Made in Italy
biological control

What makes us unique in 5 points:

  • Quality

  • Tradition

  • Seriousness

  • Freshness

  • warranty

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